“Where Is Your Line” is non-profit and an informational website. Our team is a group of individuals from all works of life but with common interest in sexual violence, its effects and the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations in its eradication.

For the requirement of adequate information, Where Is Your Line comes in to fill the gap by providing up-to-date information about the subject at hand.

Through our research that is sourced from information provided by government-run institutions and non-profit organizations actively involved in the fight against all forms of sexual violence, we hope not to fail in our duty to supply the necessary information.

Our Belief

There can’t be any more time than this to step up action on the fight against sexual violence through quality and useful information. This is what the general public look to have to facilitate this fight. We believe that making an impact in curbing the menace that has continuously ravaged the society, adequate statistics and data is required. This not only assists us to know the position of things but also help in the necessary action to be taken
Nobody should be sexually violated on the basis of gender, race, and ethnicity. That is where we stand.

Our colleges, universities are meant to build great minds and world changers and not a ground to breed sexual assault offenders. Our women have the right to be treated equally like men are. Conflicts situations should not turn our women to sex slaves in the hands of those we trusted to protect us.

We believe that regardless whether you are a woman or a man, bisexual or heterosexual, you have the right to live freely in the world we all work to make a better place for us to live in.

Our Mission

At Where Is Your Line, our mission is simple. We are here to educate both men and women on sexual violence through our informative website. Through this platform, we hope to reach as many people as possible all around the globe through our guides, instructions, and helpful tips. We hope to inspire someone via this channel to speak out on sexual assault, render assistance to organizations and for survivors to find hope in the aftermath of a rape or other sexual violence committed against them.

Our Vision

Where Is Your Line envisions a society where gender equality is upheld by all and sexual assault is completely eradicated from our beautiful world. Through our efforts, we look to a world where gender, race, color, class nor ethnicity will be the basis for offenders to commit a sexual crime on any human.

The Future

We look to a bright future on the fight against sexual violence through our informational website. We know that the fight can be won quickly if we unite.

We know that through your contribution on this website, we can do more to:

  • Restore dignity back to survivors of rape and other sexual assault
  • Provide guidance to those who need help
  • Be a voice to those who are afraid to speak out
  • Strengthen organizations who are frantically working to see an end to sexual violence.

Together we can, and that is what we see.