Mission Statement:

THE LINE CAMPAIGN is a non-profit organization and movement that is committed to empowering young leaders to create a world without sexual violence. We create critical dialogues and original media to inspire action. We develop leadership among diverse groups of people reaching and mobilizing them in their communities.


By developing and supporting diverse young leaders, The Line Campaign aims to strengthen the movement against sexual and gender-based violence on local and global levels. Young women and queer people are disproportionately affected by harassment, rape and sexual assault, we believe their voices are critical to creating a world without sexual violence. We also know that men can be our allies in this work. The Line Campaign values intersectional feminist, human rights, and restorative justice perspectives on sexual violence, and sees the promotion of positive and healthy sexuality as essential to dismantling rape culture.

What We Do:

The Line Campaign creates critical dialogues around sexuality, relationships, consent and sexual violence at campus and community events and online. Using film, social media advocacy, community building, leadership development and technical support, The Line Campaign builds momentum and mobilizes diverse groups of young people in their own language, and in their own communities while connecting them to the global movement against rape and sexual violence. Additionally, The Line Campaign strategically frames and conducts public conversations online, in print and on social and new media platforms.

We also have a kick-ass blog.