THE LINE CAMPAIGN is a movie, a non-profit, and a movement committed to empowering young leaders to create a world without sexual violence. We create critical dialogues around sexuality, relationships, and consent that inspire action against sexual and gender-based violence and develop leadership among diverse groups of people, reaching and mobilizing them in their communities. We are thrilled to partner with SPARK Movement to further these goals and encourage and inspire conversations about consent!

Our “Where Is Your Line?” activity is a conversation and action about expressing yourself when it comes to sexual consent.  Where are your emotional and physical boundaries? What do you want? What don’t you like? What if they change? This SPARKit encourages you to consider your own “line” and to create postcards to discuss and post on Flickr for others to see.

Before You Write:

Think about your boundaries. The kind of boundaries you set with a partner, with your crush or with anyone you get intimate with and need to talk about consent.

  • What feels right for you?
  • What do you like?
  • What don’t you like?
  • What do you want?

Think about creative ways to express yourself.

Here’s your postcard (click for full size):

Need inspiration? Check out these great examples:


Your turn:

Where Is Your Line?

Write out your postcard.

When you’re done, take a photo of your postcard and email us: sparkteam[at]sparksummit[dot]com, and we’ll add them to our Flickr pool under “Sparkit!”