The Line Campaign believes that massive culture change is necessary to end sexual violence. Working with young people, especially college students, is one strategic way to facilitate long-term change. Through screenings, dialogue, mentorship, skill-building, blog training and connecting to social networks, college activists gain the experience and skills for organizing on campus and taking their activism out into the world.

The Line Campaign recognizes that in order to empower young people–we must listen to them. In screenings and discussions, we ask participants to represent their own experiences of and perspectives on sexuality, health and rights and help facilitate authentic conversations and responsive campaigns.

To arrange an in-person appearance, screening or workshop, contact:
Kevin R. MacRae
MacRae Speakers & Entertainment, LLC
Email: kmacrae [at] macraespeakers [dot] com

Our most popular programs:

Where is Your Line?
Screen The Line at your school or organization. Invite filmmaker and The Line Campaign Executive Director Nancy Schwartzman to screen and discuss her award-winning documentary about sexual assault. Nancy will lead a discussion on consent and encourage participants to consider their own “line” and hear the story of one sexual assault survivor. Discussions may also include critical analyses of sexual violence coverage in the media, particularly around how gender, race, class and sexuality are portrayed in these stories.

Draw the Line!
Create an individualized media campaign. The Line will work with you to galvanize your community against sexual assault. Best as a follow-up to a screening event, this program helps local activists create PSA’s, Op-ed letters and social media responses as part of a local advocacy campaign.

The Line Campaign – Action Group!
Launch an action group on your campus. With tools and technical assistance from The Line Campaign, organize fellow students against sexual violence on campus. Tailor your organizing to your campus’ specific needs.

The Line Campaign – Year Round
Are you a campus administrator that wants to do programming with The Line year round? Contact us to brainstorm the right programs for you.

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