The line is up to you!
Where is your line? Grab a pen, snap a photo, tell a story, share it with us.
The Line: Ask me.


Sex, pleasure, and consent: where is your line? Have a something to say? A story? Write about it on your body (put it someplace interesting), or put it on a sticker.

Don't have sticky paper? Download a card here and make your own.


Take a photo and show us what you wrote and where you put it. It doesn't need to be fancy. You can use your cell phone.


Share your photos and thoughts on our group blog by submitting them to the right.

Tell us…

What was it like the first time you asked for what you wanted?

What was it like when you negotiated?


Write it someplace interesting, take a photo, and upload it here:

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Give it a title.

Tell us the whole story.

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