Managing Editor

Carmen Rios

Carmen Rios is a writer and activist currently based out of Washington, DC; she’s been working professionally and under the table in feminism since 2008. Carmen graduated from American University in 2012 with a degree in Women’s Studies and Communication and contributes regularly to Autostraddle, PolicyMic, and the SPARK Movement blog about queer liberation, gender equality, and racial and socioeconomic justice. In the past, she’s worked on social media and web-based organizing, community-building, and fundraising for Hollaback!, The Domestic Violence Resource Project, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, and the AU Women & Politics Institute.

Most of Carmen’s work focuses specifically on issues of rape, consent, and sex-positivity, combining a theoretical framework with the real world to achieve tangible change. She launched a successful peer-to-peer educational campaign at American University and later ran their women’s organization, Women’s Initiative, where she successfully raised over 15,000 dollars for various causes and organized an array of events around women’s needs. She also implemented policy changes meant to directly combat sexual assault rates and occurrences on her campus. She has been involved with THE LINE Campaign, as a contributing writer, intern, and blog editor, for over three years.

Carmen is absolutely crazy about her dog, Eli, and hates paying more than one dollar for a good slice of pizza. You can follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.