We want to say a big thank you to Trisha Low, our former managing editor. She leaves us to pursue her Master’s Degree at NYU in Performance Studies, but she will continue to blog for us.

Blogging Team

Sarah Galo: @sarahevonne // Tumblr

Sarah Galo is a soon-to-be graduate with a degree in Literature from a small liberal arts college in New Jersey. Interested in the intersection of social media and rape culture, she has researched the sordid history of political comments regarding such issues. As a survivor herself, Sarah is unapologetic about the intersection of the political and the personal in her writings and interests. A self-described (and peer-affirmed) potential Woody Allen character, she enjoys café au laits, independent bookstores, and marathoning TV shows on Netflix. Unapologetically nerdy, Sarah likes to read 19th century Russian literature, watch Criterion Collection films, and apply literature theory to them. For fun, she still does the above activities, along with walks in New York City and the occasional hike. She enjoys her coffee black, but sometimes enjoys a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Follow Sarah on Twitter @Sarahevonne where she spends nearly an equal amount of time tweeting about social justice issues and her love of coffee.

Mel Grover-Schwartz: Blog // Tumblr

Mel is a third year English Major at Colgate University with a minor in Women’s Studies. She got hooked on feminism her freshman year of college and has since become especially involved in women’s issues surrounding consent, sexual climate, and demystifying “gray” rape and victim-blaming. She continues to serve on positive-sexuality panels and holds weekly discussion groups in hopes of driving awareness and inspiring action. Her favorite fiction author is Margaret Atwood and she is utterly addicted to writing poetry and reading the New Yorker. She is also working on her first (and only) feminist-minded erotic novel, so stay tuned!

Tyanna Slobe: @tyslobe

Ty is a soon to be college graduate and possibly almost an adult. She is a blogger with SPARK Movement working to end the sexualization of girls and women in the media and most importantly STOP RAPE CULTURE. Ty is also especially interested in LGBTQ issues and media activism. Soon she will be going to graduate school to study hard and hopefully fix the way that transgender kids are talked about in the mainstream media. She lives in Colorado.

Toni Benjamin: Tumblr

Toni is all about emphasizing the purpose of one’s Voice and it’s role in a person having agency. She is a blogger, poet and graphic designer who fashions different works to promote awareness regarding the silencing of people’s voices. Toni is also currently a senior at Colgate University studying Philosophy and Education. It is her hope that she can eventually become a professor to help foster classroom environments in which all are both heard and acknowledged.

Emily Cozzi: @emcozzi8

Emily is a recent college graduate with a passion for feminism and gender and sexual equality. As a student at Colgate University, she wrote A LOT of papers about gender, sexuality, women, and the LGBT community, often approaching these topics from a historical perspective (she was a history major). Her senior thesis, a 50+ page novel that took an entire school year to research and write, was about Ms. magazine and its representation of female sexuality from 1972 to 1982. While at Colgate, she was also the Student Coordinator and a peer consultant at the Writing & Speaking Center, which basically meant she got to geek out with her friends while helping other students with their writing. After graduation, Emily spent 6 months as a communications intern at the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York’s leading LGBT advocacy organization. In this role, she worked with an amazing team to convey and promote the Pride Agenda’s mission, often through writing. She learned a lot about both activism and the issues facing the LGBT community today. She is absolutely thrilled to be writing for WIYL, because it pretty much encompasses everything that she is passionate about in life.

Julia Dieperink: @jdieperink

Julia studied history; women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; and women and politics at American University. She is loving this opportunity to write about things that are slightly more relevant than the cultural implications of human-to-animal transformations in early modern Europe. Currently, Julia is most active in the gender-based violence arena, but she has lots of thoughts on many other social justice issues. She believes that almost every question can be answered with the word ‘intersectionality’ and the solution to most problems involves chocolate and hugs.

Cassandra Leveille: @cleveil1 // Tumblr

Cassandra is a writer and self-professed nerdy lady. Whilst in undergrad, she became invested in intersectional feminist politics. She’s previously written about the 2012 election from a feminist perspective for PolicyMic and has contributed to zines about self-care and mediating living in a “post-racial” society from an interpersonal perspective. She’s also participated in actions with Planned Parenthood and the Feminist Majority Foundation advocating against regressive legislation surrounding women’s health.

Medusa Mills

Medusa is a sexual assault survivor. She is turning personal tragedy into triumph by sharing her experience of healing and advocacy. Medusa studied and received her undergraduate degree from a small liberal arts college in Louisiana where she studied writing, literature, and psychology.

Tilly Grove: @tillyjean // Blog

Tilly is studying for a degree in War Studies at King’s College, London, and is planning to write her final year dissertation on the effect that perceptions of gender have on the roles which women adopt in conflict. Her feminism is unequivocally intersectional, and she is interested particularly in rape culture and the interaction between feminism and pop culture.

Jen Hindes: @jenhindes // Blog

Jen is a writer and an activist. She has always had a great interest justice and in advocating for the rights of sexual assault survivors. She is actively working to be the crazy aunt that gives sex books and gender neutral toys.

Jamie Hagen: @jamiejhagen // Website

Jamie J. Hagen is a New York City-based writer, researcher and incoming student at the Global Governance and Human Security PhD program at UMass Boston this fall. Jamie has written about feminism and feminist security studies, and LGBTQ politics for publications including Autostraddle, The Dart Society, On The Issues Magazine and One Green Planet.

Susan Harper: @dakotawitch

Susan is an educator, advocate, activist, and writer based in Dallas, Texas. She holds an MA and PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Southern Methodist University, where her work focused on gender identity, religious identity, and personal narrative. She is currently completing an MA in Women’s Studies at Texas Woman’s University. Susan has more than a decade of experience teaching in anthropology, sociology, and women’s studies, and she brings a decidedly feminist and social-justice approach to the classroom. She has written widely about and done activism concerning diverse causes, including domestic and partner violence awareness and prevention, sexual violence prevention and recovery, GLBTQ equality, and workplace/economic equality. She is a community educator on GLBTQ issues, gender inclusivity in education, and religious diversity. Susan currently teaches at the University of North Texas and North Lake Community College. She shares her life with her partner, Stephanie, and a houseful of rescued felines.

Leslie Solcher

Leslie Solcher is a  high school sophomore in Austin who is dedicated to feminism and raising awareness about the Rape Culture that America perpetuates, especially among teenagers like herself. She has written and performed speeches about victim-blaming at competitive speech tournaments in her area, and has also spoken about victim-blaming and how it affects teens at the One Billion Rising rally in Austin. Leslie hopes to continue speaking out against the societal standards of women and sexuality in America in her future.

Contributing Writers

Casey Smith

Casey (KC) is a passionate, at times sardonic writer in the Nursing school. She placed in a “Love Essay” writing contest in her NYC high school and maintained a blog that readers accessed internationally. She is certified in Student Anti-Violence Advocate Traning (SAVA). KC loves to express herself through sports, dance, art, theater, crafts, fashion, trying new vegan foods, pursuing women’s rights, caring for others, and tackling bullies.

Amy Armstrong: @amy_armstrong // Blog // Tumblr

Amy is a college counselor. When she is not helping students survive college, she volunteers at the YWCA of Eastern Union County assisting survivors of domestic violence. She also writes fiction and maintains a book blog where she reviews new books by up and coming authors as well as selected classic works. Amy also introduced the observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month to the college where she currently works and hosts screenings and discussions of The Line every April.