Want to Meet Feminists in New York?

I hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day!

We are back with a shout-out from our friend Liz Grover from The Feminist Press. She asked us to help her spread the word about a new project for feminists in New York. This is what she told us about it:

After graduating from Colgate University back in May of 2011 I thought to myself, so what now? I left the university bubble and entered the ‘real world’ worried that I would never participate in the same engaging conversations I took for granted in college. I talked to one of my professors about this and she suggested I get in contact with one of her former students living in NYC.

That former student, Rachel Greenburg, introduced me to the Feminist Press about a year ago and told me that they were trying to start a Young Patrons Steering Committee. I immediately wanted to know more about it and soon found myself helping draft a mission statement and officially joining the group. I joined because after leaving school and moving to New York City I realized, yes there are tons of feminists here, and yes I follow a whole slew on twitter, but I still did not feel connected. I wanted to be part of a feminist community and meet likeminded people. Just because my Women Studies Seminar ended over a year ago, doesn’t mean I’m finished discussing feminism and social justice. I still want to have those stimulating conversations that challenge what I may read in the mainstream media. Through the Feminist Press I have met other people that feel the same way as I do and together we are building the Young Patrons Committee.

The Feminist Press Young Patron Committee Mission Statement:

The Feminist Press Young Patron Committee (FPYPC), a subset of the Feminist Press, is a group comprised of young professionals (ages 22-40) who:

  • Promote books and authors published by the Feminist Press
  • Organize interactive events relating to social justice, human rights, and feminism.
  • Create educational and networking opportunities for our members, by building a pipeline of dedicated activists to work toward achieving the Feminist Press’s goals.

We are having a mix and mingle event on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 at the Dove Parlour in NYC starting at 7pm (free entry; cash bar). At this event we will talk about who we are and what we’re all about! We will talk about upcoming events and where we see our group in the future. All are welcome! Please spread the word!


Sounds great to me! I know I would go if I was in the area. We wish Liz and The Feminist Press good luck with the new project, and I hope lots of people make it to the event on September 19th.

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