TedxWomen Conferences

No, this is not the Badass Activist Friday interview you were hoping for. We’ve had to postpone our conversation with the wonderful Shira Tarrant due to bad weather messing with the Internet. But fear not, the interview will be posted right here on Monday. And the answers we have heard so far sound great, so tune back in!

In the meantime, yesterday was the TedxWomen Conference in both L.A. and N.Y. A bunch of fantastic speakers participated, and you should check out the videos of the talks!

One talk you should definitely take a peek at is that of fellow documentary filmmaker, technology enthusiast and all around inspiring woman, Tiffany Shlain. Check it out:

You can read more about her, and find other talks, here.

And you can find her on Twitter as @TiffanyShlain.




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