BlackArtemis on Rape Culture and American Comedy

Last month, during an improv comedy event, a man got up on stage to relate a story in which he misrepresented himself and slept with a woman against her explicit will. Any thinking person would call those events rape, but to this guy they evidently qualified as a fun story to tell for laughs. You can read the whole story here.

This reveals a lot not just about the state of rape culture in America, but also about the role of women in comedy, specifically in stand-up comedy. Black Artemis covers these issues in a new article on her blog, Funny Women Are Dangerous: Rape Culture and American Comedy.  Here’s a taste:

Let someone suggest […] that rape culture in the United States is alive and well, and heads rush to spew conspiracy theories about humorless feminists.

Yet this occurred in a nation where, according to our own justice department, one in four women will be the victim of a rape or an attempted rape. Where violent words like smash, pound, beat, and hit have become synonymous with have sex. Where a female pop singer can’t even imagine being raped and fantasize revenge without getting several advocacy groups on her case while no one blinks an eye as one male recording artist after the next makes the top twenty by packaging rape carols as love songs.


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