“Listen for it in my breath.”


Over the summer we had a load of conversations while planning this group blog for THE LINE about hot ways to communicate during sex, that don’t take you out of the moment, that keep you connected to your partner in a way that’s still all about both of you, not about “rejecting” someone’s touch or technique so much as asking for what you want. I can’t remember where in my “formal” sex education (or what passed for it in public school) we discussed physical, non-verbal ways to really, really ask for it. I know how to be stiff in my body and break eye contact and turn my shoulder to someone to signal when I’m not interested. But what’s the gesture or look in my eyes that means Keep going or How did you know? or Yes or Please put a condom on now? (The last is easier, I admit. Hooray for being a child of the 80’s and 90’s.)

Note: This isn’t my sticker. It could be. I’m still working on mine (I know, how dare I ask you to share when I haven’t posted my own!) but this is from San Francisco, where I just spent a week decompressing before the site launch, and also making the site with my friend Sarah, and also asking all my friends to give me a sticker to come back with. More of those to come.

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