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About Us

Our team is a group of individuals from all works of life but with common interest in sexual violence, its effects and the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations in its eradication. For the requirement of adequate information, Where Is Your Line comes in to fill the gap by providing up-to-date information about the subject at hand.

Through our research that is sourced from information provided by government-run institutions and non-profit organizations actively involved in the fight against all forms of sexual violence, we hope not to fail in our duty to supply the necessary information.

Our Belief

There can’t be any more time than this to step up action on the fight against sexual violence through quality and useful information.

Our Mission

At Where Is Your Line, our mission is simple. We are here to educate both men and women on sexual violence through our informative website.

Our Vision

Where Is Your Line envisions a society where gender equality is upheld by all and sexual assault is completely eradicated from our beautiful world.

Who Are The Perpetrators?

We know that the fight can be won quickly if we unite

Recent Articles

“The reported cases only represent 5% of the sexually assaulted students in the colleges while the rest of 95% were never bold enough to make a report.”

Summary Of The Line

The Line documental is the story of a young woman who decides to tell her story through a film after her traumatic experience of rape. She tries to link the connection between her experience to what the society, politics, culture, legal issues have to say about consent and her sex matters.

The product is this powerful documentary on the horrifying reality of sexual violence and the wrong views and complication associated with it culturally.

The major character played by Nancy Schwartzman, a filmmaker exemplifies a likeable personality.

Many organizations that are formed to take up this fight are by men

Organizations Fighting Sexual Abuse